//System modernisation that pays off

Targeted plant modernisation reduces energy costs dramatically.
Roland Brandl, Project Manager at Kappa Filter Service, unfortunately encounters these types of situations much too frequently: "We have recently optimised the oil mist filter system of one of our customers. They came to us because the suction performance was insufficient on some of their processing machines. Altogether, there were two filter systems dating from 1985 in use, with an air output totalling 20,000m³/h, and a total power input of 30 kW. In our system review, it was found that the installed capacity was much higher than that required. However, the power was not properly distributed through the existing pipe network. We were able to demonstrate to the customer that an optimisation of the existing plant would already pay for itself within one and a half years ".

Energy-efficient system optimisation saves money long-term.
In this specific example, the individual extraction points were optimised and the piping was adapted to the current conditions. The newly-installed shut-off and regulator valves allow optimal distribution of the air output. The existing filter systems have been extensively checked and serviced, so they allow safe continued operation. Since the required exhaust air capacity can now be provided with a single filter system, the second set of filters was adapted for other machining processes. Overall in the project presented, the customer saves more than 13,000 euros annually, and the total investment was amortised after only one and a half years.


Steyr-Gleink, October 2016