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Kappa supports the automotive industry to obtain these aims and provides innovative and energy-efficient concepts with a high performance as well as tailor-made turn-key clean air plants in a unique design:

  • Entire in-hall air cleaning of the mechanical processing and mould construction including energy recovery, ventilation, extraction and climatization
  • Suction and filtration of emulsions and oil mist of further mechanical processing (Turning, Milling, Drilling, Wet-grinding, ...)
  • Extraction and filtration of smoke and fine dust of flame-, plasma- and laser cutting (including cutting of plastics and wood-compound materials
  • Extraction and filtration of robot welding, automated welding, manual welding and hard facing
  • Extraction and filtration of grinding, polishing, grading and deflashing
  • Extraction and filtration of thermal coating
  • Explosion-protected extraction and filtration plant according to ATEX
  • Central chipping extraction