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>> ZERO EMISSIONS - For an emission-free future.
The challenge of moving as close as possible to zero emissions, while simultaneously focusing on economic viability, represents our daily motivation. We are constantly redefining the state of the art by means of innovative solutions and as a result, for the first time our systems permit the removal of large volumes of nano-particles on a major industrial scale. Our filtration performance is clearly directed towards zero emissions.

>> ZERO WASTE OF ENERGY - Energy efficiency is the order of the day.
We provide wide-ranging identification, analysis and evaluation of the potential for thermal energy recovery that is available to our clients. On this basis, we then draw up innovative and economic plant concepts that incorporate the advantages of available and alternative energy resources. This is because in simple terms, unused energy also represents an undesirable emission.

>> FUSION OF INNOVATION AND DESIGN - Top performance and value added derived from precision, aesthetics and quality.
Our eyes are firmly set on the future and our systems constitute an ideal combination of innovation with clear design. For our clients this means the maximal, energy-efficient filtration of industrial emissions in combination with attractive design. Therefore, our solutions suit existing production facilities to perfection. Moreover, Kappa regards plant safety and operating comfort as absolute priorities.