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Kappa provides concepts and tailor-made turn-key clean air plants especially for the following sector in the iron and steel industry:

>> Steel plants and Rolling mills:

  • Primary dedusting of electro furnaces
  • Secondary dedusting for iron and steel plants
  • Dedusting of the secondary metallurgy (pan furnace, coating)
  • Dedusting of the casting process (strand casting, sand casting)
  • Separation of oil mist, vapour and cinder dust in the rolling mill

>>  Finishing line, pre-fabrication, metal processing:

  • Separation of smoke and fine dust of thermal cutting, flame scarfing, gouging
  • Separation of smoke and fog of forging and hardening
  • Separation of dust of grinding, cut-off grinding, burring and polishing
  • Separation of fine dust of thermal coating
  • Separation of smoke and fine dust of welding, robot welding and hard facing

>> Raw material recovery:

  • Separation of smoke and fine dust scrap cutting
  • Central suction system for dust pelletizing and briquetting