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// Kappa Zeron®: Emission and Sound-proof Large-scale Dedusting


The Kappa Zeron® is a dust and sound-proof industrial building. It consists of solid concrete panels and combines all plant functions into one system. This maximises the filtration performance, while at the same time minimising the plant resistance. The result: maximum separation efficiency with maximum energy and resource efficiency.

The modular design of the Kappa Zeron® enables efficient and economical air management for the first time. It doesn't require any of the tricks with which the air supply and exhaust have been controlled to date. The Kappa Zeron® ensures optimum air flow from inlet to stack, without swirling and turbulence. The reduction of the overall plant resistance leads to significant energy savings.

Filtration of the dust emissions takes place in the filter chambers via the Kappa Mykro+ filter elements. They are characterised by a progressive construction with integrated microfibres. These filter elements ensure optimum surface filtration. They have been developed over the course of many years by Kappa especially for large-scale dust removal.

Dedusting of the Kappa Mykro+ filter elements takes place automatically after the Kappa low pressure pulse cleaning system. In this process, the dust cake is released from the filter surface by means of highly efficient low pressure pulses (1.5 to 4.5 bar). Dedusting takes place offline. The filter chamber to be cleaned is decoupled from the air flow by means of raw and clean gas valves.

The fans are completely integrated and ensure quiet operation.

The Kappa Zeron® is characterised by its space-saving design and ease of installation and maintenance.

Steyr-Gleink, March 2018