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//Optimum Emission Recording and Plant Dimensioning with Kappa Video Fluid Dynamic

The Kappa Video Fluid Dynamic (VFD) software analyses and assesses sources of emission. The analysis is based on video recordings, with which the speed of the visible emissions can be determined (particle smoke speeds).

The camera is positioned in such a way that it is possible to carry out a quantitative assessment of emission areas that are inaccessible or difficult to access.

By evaluating the speeds, shapes and extent of emissions, conclusions can be drawn about emission volume flows or contaminated volumetric flows.
The spread of emissions is clearly documented quantitatively.

The evaluation of emission sources over a longer period of time or over complete process or production steps enables a continuous analysis of these emission processes. Determination of average emission speeds while simultaneously observing maximums and minimums allows an optimum design of the suction and recording systems.
So the danger of under or over-dimensioning is excluded.


  • quantitative evaluation (analysis and assessment) of industrial emissions
  • integration of static functions
  • possibility of calibrating and validating particle speeds
  • documentation of emission assessment
  • Precise planning basis for the planning, design and dimensioning of recording devices and filter systems


Steyr-Gleink, March 2018