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air technology fully networked with manufacturing

The Kappa Zeromatic® represents a new and innovative automation of air technical system. It allows the automation of both single air plants as well as complex ventilation systems. This is made possible by the intelligent construction of an extensive library of standardised and freely parametrisable functional building blocks, which can be individually selected and holistically networked with one another depending on the requirements.

The Kappa Zeromatic® holistically automates and networks air technical systems with production. This allows the user to always maintain an overview regardless of their ventilation technology. At the fully fledged stage, the innovative concept networks exhaust air technology, ventilation technology, process air technology, heat recovery, energy efficiency, heating and air-conditioning, safety and comfort with the entire production infrastructure.

The Kappa Zeromatic® is characterised by the following properties:

  • An automation solution for all air technical systems and plants
  • Automation solution with integrated library of standardised and parametrisable functional building blocks (exhaust and process air, ventilation and extraction, air-conditioning, energy recovery, energy efficiency, safety and comfort, connected cloud)
  • Automation solution with extensive networking of all functional building blocks, to the corresponding production plants, to the building and building services technology, to the process control system and to the outside world
  • Ergonomic user interface based on clear and self-explanatory symbols and templates and a logical menu structure
  • Extensive documentation of the operation, functional sequences, parameters etc.