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Kappa KF-LN filter systems are characterised by their compact, modular design. Depending on the application, the filter can be equipped with individual filter elements.

Depending on the version and type, the polluted air flows into the filter device either from the side or from above. The installed filter stages are individually matched to the respective application. Thanks to the intelligent module design, each filter type can be equipped with different filter modules (even subsequently). Step by step, the emissions are highly effectively eliminated up to the finest fractions. Through the use of high-quality adsorbents, even gaseous substances and odours can be eliminated, depending on the physical characteristics of the respective material. 

The cleaned air can be recirculated into the working space or passed to the outside via an exhaust duct. 

Due to the use of special high-performance turbines, the systems can be arranged either centrally or decentrally. The Kappa KF-LN filter series generates a particularly high vacuum level. They are therefore especially suitable when working with small, possibly customer-owned capturing elements or long extraction lines. The series covers applications requiring air capacities of 200 m³/h to 800 m³/h.

Areas of application

  • Soldering work
  • Laser processing
  • Work processes with sticky/moist dusts
  • Work processes with vapours/gases