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One filter system for all cooling lubricant mists - intelligent and multi-functional

Whatever combination of oil and emulsion exhaust air occurs, the Kappa Airdry™ filter system offers the fitting configuration. Unlike any other filter system, it allows for different tasks to be handled uniquely in that individual filter levels can be individually configured and changed. Even when switching to another cooling lubricant, the Kappa Airdry™ can be adjusted to the changing conditions.

The Kappa Airdry™ represents the only filter system that can be individually configured for all cooling lubricants; the multi-functional filter system for all oil and emulsion mists.

The Kappa Airdry™ consistently separates according to the Kappa Selective Separation filtration principle. In this process, emissions occurring at each stage are selectively separated until finally the finest mist droplets and aerosols are very effectively separated at the main filter level. This principle of selective filtration leads to a significantly higher separation rate with simultaneous lower energy consumption compared to conventional systems.

The Kappa Airdry™ oil and emulsion mist separator is characterised by the following properties:

  • precisely tuned to the current application
  • universally usable for all cooling lubricants, oils and emulsions
  • easy to adapt for changed process conditions
  • high separation performance
  • low energy consumption
  • simple construction, easy to operate, stable industrial version