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Compact. Powerful. A Work of Art.

The Kappa Ekon® leads many areas of the industrial dedusting in a new era. Where previously bag filters were used, the Kappa Ekon® provides an alternative dedusting solution with outstanding performance: the Kappa Ekon® requires only half the space. It reduces the residual dust content by half and the energy consumption by one third.

The design of the Kappa Ekon® is modular. On site, the individual components are put together like Lego to construct the unit. Through this, we reduce the installation work and eliminate the risk of subsequent malfunctions due to leakages. The ingenious modular system allows the creation of units of any size. This ensures flow rates from 30,000 to over 1,000,000 cubic meters per hour that are dedusted economically, energy efficient and with maximum separation.


1/2 footprint*


The innovative Kappa Ekonomy filter elements are at the core of the Kappa Ekon® dedusting system. These provide a very large filter area for such a small footprint. So a Kappa Ekonomy filter element can replace 10 filter bags of a standard baghouse filter with a filter bag length of 8 meters. The intelligent modular design consistently follows the structure of a large-scale dedusting plant and integrates the row gas distribution and clean gas chamber into the overall concept. This design also allows both small and large units to be constructed. The amount of space required can be reduced by half.



1/2 residual dust content*


For the filtration of coarse and fine dusts, a pre-separation chamber is integrated within every filter tower of the Kappa Ekon®. Coarse particles thus pass directly into the dust funnel. The fine particles are filtered on the surface of the Kappa Ekonomy filter elements. They are made of a special, high-quality plastic fabric. During the high-tech manufacturing process, the filter material is impregnated with specific nano-fibres. With this special nano-fibre surface structure, the filter elements are suited to the surface filtration of industrial dust particulates, and deliver excellent results with fine dust and smoke filtration. The result is that residual dust is reduced by half.



1/3 energy saved*


The Kappa Ekon® can deliver this due to careful aerodynamic calculations and simulations. Based on these results, the entire filter system flow was optimised, and resistance due to turbulent flows and vortices was eliminated. The row gas distribution and clean gas chamber are integrated into calculations and simulations. Coanda elements ensure uniform and flow-optimised charging of the individual filter towers. The Kappa Ekonomy filter elements have improved cleanability and also reduce the resistance of the overall system. The result of all optimization measures is a substantial overall reduction of the resistance of the system. Overall, the Kappa Ekon® ensures a reduction of energy consumption by a third.



*The information provided compares the data from a Kappa Ekon® to that of a baghouse filter with a filter bag length of 8 m and corresponds to the actual results obtained from large-scale projects. The actual values are unique for each system.