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Energy recovery, exhaust air cleaning and fresh air preparation in one system

The Kappa MTA ventilation system represents a completely new concept in industrial ventilation technology. MTA stands for "Modular Technology for clean Air" and is characterised by a unique and sophisticated air technical module concept. The Kappa MTA system intelligently and compactly integrates the requirements for industrial exhaust technology, energy recovery and air conditioning in one system. Individual modules are configured individually depending on the application and requirement. Building on the corresponding application-related requirements, the modular device configuration ensures an economical and optimal emission energy recovery or, when required, optimum fresh air conditioning.

Due to production-related thermal flows, usually there is a considerable amount of excess heat removed with the industrial exhaust air. The Kappa MTA systems optionally allow complete integration of a high-quality heat recovery module in the Kappa MTA system. Industrial exhaust air though is often loaded with various emissions, which counteracts heat recovery with a high degree of efficiency. The Kappa MTA system allows the integration of an exhaust air module for a highly effective filtration of the accompanying emissions before the energy recovery module. Through the high degree of filtration of the upstream filter levels, the use of heat exchangers with a high degree of efficiency is made possible.
To keep the degree of efficiency of heat recovery constant even in the most extreme of industrial uses, the Kappa MTA heat recovery modules can be equipped with an automatically cleaning system by means of compressed air flushing and high pressure water nozzles.

The heat recovered can either be used to heat fresh air for production or decoupled for other production processes.

Alongside the energy recovery module, the Kappa MTA systems allow the integration of exhaust air cleaning modules for a highly effective filtration of industrial emissions and air conditioning modules (heating and cooling) of fresh air for industrial production.