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In order to really live up to the terms "Rescue, Extinguish, Recover and Protect", emergency crews are constantly exposed to a high degree of risk. Which is why our emergency crews (fire departments, rescue etc.) always rely on the best technical equipment to be able to go about their work. Diesel engine emissions represent a danger which is often overlooked. They endanger every single crew member during every operation, every exercise and numerous other activities.

The protection of our emergency crews from carcinogenic diesel exhaust gases is possible, as the diesel exhaust gases can be removed from the operational centre via a sealed system. This offers the only economical and, above all, effective protection. The Kappa Safe™ diesel exhaust gas suction is the only system on the market that removes 100% of diesel exhaust gases from the vehicle hangar. "Safe" stands for "Safe fire department" and has already protected the health and lives of our fire and rescue emergency crews for decades.

The Kappa Safe™ diesel exhaust gas suction fully captures the diesel engine emissions at the exhaust pipe of the vehicle and leads this outside the vehicle hall via a sealed system. Suction starts completely automatically and the system ensures 100% leakproofness until the vehicle is driven out of the hall.

The Kappa Safe™ system is simple and easy to install, fail-safe and effective in operation.

The Kappa Safe™ system is characterised by the following properties:

  • No carcinogenic diesel engine emissions in the vehicle hall: the Kappa Safe™ diesel exhaust gas suction system ensures a clean operational centre, in that carcinogenic diesel engine emissions can be completely removed from the vehicle hall.
  • Low energy consumption: the Kappa Safe™ diesel exhaust gas system will start-up only when needed. It detects the start of the vehicle completely automatically and starts up autonomously. If the vehicle has left the hall, the system autonomously switches itself off as soon as the emissions are fully transported away.
  • Maximum comfort and safety: with the Kappa Safe™ diesel exhaust gas suction system, every component is designed for robustness, a long service life and functionality. Easy to handle thanks to optimum ergonomics. So our emergency crews can concentrate on their operation and are not exposed to any carcinogenic emissions in the process.