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Exhaust air technology. Ventilation technology. One system.

Zero emissions at the workplace and throughout the entire hall.
This is the claim of Kappa A.I.R.

  • for clean air in the hall
  • for productive employees
  • for optimal production quality
  • for greater energy efficiency
  • for lower overall costs

Kappa A.I.R.™ combines exhausted air technology and ventilation technology in one system. This is unique. Kappa A.I.R.™ actively reduces the amount of emissions and heat in the workplace and ensures clean air throughout the entire hall. 

Kappa A.I.R.™ is more economical and efficient than traditional systems:


In-hall air quality:


Kappa A.I.R.™ provides ventilation, extractes and eliminates emissions, cleans the hall air and recovers energy from waste heat. If necessary, Kappa A.I.R.™ heats, cools or humidifies the hall.

When planning, we take into account where work is performed, where emissions are generated and where warmth and heat appears.

This determines the dimensions of the system and the functions that it is required to provide. The Kappa A.I.R.™ ensures maximum power and energy efficiency.





Air treatment systems generally have an effective lifespan of more than 15 years. Thereby the investment costs represent only 25 percent of the total costs, while the rest is attributable to ongoing operating costs.

Kappa A.I.R.™ combines the functions of exhaust air technology and ventilation technology in a single system. Synergies are exploited and mutually negative influences of individual components is prevented.

Kappa A.I.R.™ reduces investment costs by up to 30 percent and operating costs by up to 50 percent.


Heating, cooling and heat recovery:


Kappa A.I.R.™ offers the option of additionally heating or cooling the hall. Generally, no additional structural measures are required. Waste heat from the production supplies energy for economically sensible temperature control of the hall.

Similar to convective underfloor heating, Kappa A.I.R.™ ensures uniform and comfortable heating or cooling of the hall.




The hall is supported with fresh air by Kappa Diffusors™. They are placed on the floor across the entire hall and allow the air to flow in a draught-free manner and in all directions. The air flows around all obstacles and penetrates into all areas of the hall.

The fresh air does not mix with the polluted indoor air. This reduces the required air volume and all employees are permanently supplied with clean air. Emissions and waste heat are thus actively displaced from the work area. This reduces airborne emissions at the workplace.

The fresh air pushes itself like a wedge under the emissions and waste heat. As a result, the emission-loaded hall air is displaced from the workstations and recreation areas to the hall ceilings.
The pollutant-laden or heat-laden exhaust air is detected under the hall ceiling by the Kappa COC™ inflow elements - over the entire area an regardless of the source of the emissions - are fed to the cleaning unit via channels.
In the Kappa exhaust air cleaning station, the polluted air is cleaned, the emissions are separated. The filter systems are state-of-the-art; they are exactly matched to the specific emissions. The separation efficiency of the filter systems is so high that in many cases the exhaust air can be recycled back into the hall, in whole or in part.
The highly efficient filtration of emissions makes it possible to recover the waste heat with a high degree of efficiency, and to use it for energy-efficient heating of the fresh air.


  • active removement of emissions and waste heat at the workplace
  • clean halls
  • lower overall costs


  • Experience: Kappa has been installing in-hall air cleaning plants for more than two decades.
  • Accuracy: Kappa calculation tools allow accurate and energy-efficient planning and design.
  • Quality: Kappa uses high-quality, self-developed components.