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>> Filter Systems:
Industry is shaping our future. Consequently, companies operating in this environment have a responsible role to fulfil, which is characterized by a strong commitment to health protection and the preservation of an environment that is worth living in. We assist our clients through a concentration on cost-efficient, high-level filtration of industrial emissions. This is reflected by our specialisation in the effective separation of both hazardous primary as well as diffuse secondary emissions. As a result of intensive research and development, we are already able to remove dust particles down to a fineness of just a few nanos.

We offer filter systems, which combine top separation performance and cost-efficiency on a long-term basis:

  • Dedusting and fine dust separation
  • Removal of mists and vapours
  • Gas separation and malodour neutralisation
  • Hybrid filtration techniques for the simultaneous separation of solid, liquid and gaseous emissions

>> In-hall air cleaning and diffuse emission reduction:
The necessity for networked thinking and the recognition of all interrelationships means that industrial production adds up to more than the sum of individual processes. The cleanest manufacturing can only result from the use of a holistic approach. Therefore, we offer innovative solutions in order to remove even diffuse emissions from large industrial facilities in an efficient and economic manner.
Our in-hall air cleaning systems incorporate energy optimisation, emission capture, separation, ventilation, extraction, heat recovery as well as air conditioning and represent a masterpiece of clean air technology for industrial production.

>> Energy recovery:
At times characterised by a demand for cost-efficiency, the careful use of energy is of growing importance. Thermal energy is created as a by-product in almost all industrial production processes. We help to recover this energy and put it to good use. On the basis of our experience and completed projects, our technology offers energy-saving potential that can amount to as much as 85% of annual operating costs. This means that return on investment on the related expenditure can frequently be achieved within 2-5 years.

>> The integration of ventilation and air cleaning technology:
The key to a lasting technological solution lies in the linkage of all island solutions to form high potential, overall concepts. Therefore, we offer the unique integration of ventilation and extraction systems. This creates value added through the revolutionary combination of harmonized systems, which provide optimum mutual support. The basis for these solutions is provided by our long-term and frequently outstanding know-how in both areas of industrial air treatment technology. This leads to top performance and lower investment and operating costs than is the case with island solutions.